North American Union – A Benefit to Americans

There have been lots of conspiracy theories circulating around the globe about a potential formation of the North American Union (NAU) with the US, Canada, and Mexico. They probably will probably laugh and call it a conspiracy theory when the theory is first heard about by an individual in any of these three countries. Whether this belief of a potential formation of this NAU was a conspiracy idea, have several congressmen, scholars, and lawyers shown via media outlets their disdain for this particular creation? American believes that people within the discipline of politics and also research has to be telling the facts. Is it not possible for the three countries to be in the practice of forming a marriage.

If you have a look back at history you’ll find that citizens around Europe laughed at the idea of a European Union (EU), and then the EU occurred. The European folks were surprised by the creation of the EU, their new currency, and showed resistance through marches and protests, however, they were made aware of it before it occurred. A North American Union may be just what this state needs to stay competitive with the EU. American still is not and is not taking their NAU’s formation seriously, the same as the citizens in Europe did. A formation involving the three nations could possibly be exactly what this country needs to stay competitive with the EU. Here are just two arrangements that have begun the production of the new NAU.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was not a new concept until it was launched. NAFTA has been intended years before President Clinton took office when it was founded, he happened to be in office. NAFTA was meant to remove trade between Mexico, Canada, and America’s restrictions and allow the free flow of products. The establishment of NAFTA did reach the raising of trade restrictions however there were many hidden motives for NAFTA. See if the 3 nations could successfully set a marriage and watch the response of the folks of all 3 nations and the first was to examine the waters. There has been some resistance from the individuals of those three nations but not enough to hinder the success of NAFTA.

The next reason to set NAFTA was to find cheaper labor. Once NAFTA was established firms ran to locate affordable labor and it was discovered by them. Goods manufactured in Mexico’s proportion is modest in comparison to China, however, the price of manufacturing is cheaper and transport is significantly decreased into Canada and America. The third motive behind NAFTA was to raise profits for companies. NAFTA is a loss for citizens although a win for American businesses.

Currently that NAFTA had been a victory, the three governments could work on the next big project, both the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). Most American taxpayers have already forgotten September 11th and most do not even wish to talk about doing it. There are also. What you decide to believe is an alternative, however, this historical action did accomplish 1 thing for the governments of Canada, Mexico, and America; it opened up the doors for the unwritten arrangement of this SPP. The purpose of the SPP is also to guard the countries and to increase the sharing of intelligence involving the three states. Various Republicans and several Democrats have shown the fear that the SPP and NAFTA are only the jumps to the establishment of the North American Union (NAU) that is like the EU. Whether the concerns of leaders are correct or not, nobody really knows. The pattern of data being released is the pattern which has been introduced to the countries before the establishment of the EU. Unionize public service today!

Add this sum to the lender and auto bailout bill of about $ 750 billion dollars of the incoming President Bush adds to our deficit. And don’t forget that the $3.9 billion dollars per day that the US government must borrow to stay afloat every day. America cannot afford this debt during a recession or a depression, even on our days. Economists throughout the globe are currently agreeing that the US is going to be bankrupt. And the vast majority of the economists expect that from the beginning of 2010 that the US will experience an economic meltdown.

Once this collapse has taken place, it is going to give way to the newly created NAU. The government will do what it does better, convince the American public by instilling fear that should we want to continue to live as a nation, the US, Canada, and Mexico will need to combine together as a formal union to stay competitive in the worldwide market. The US dollar would be worth 10 pennies and the only way that the American people can continue to keep their wealth is to agree to accept the new Amero currency if they chose to not take the new money, their wealth is going to be eliminated. According to many well-established news organizations, the US Mint has already begun to generate the new currency and was since 2007.

I have to note there are many individuals in the US that are skeptics of the potential creation of this NAU. Through many months of collecting data on the topic of this NAU, the US insolvency, along with the new Amero money, I have accumulated all info from studying writings, news reports, and administration confirmation. The reader does not have to be a Ph.D. educated individual to find the pattern forming that will result in the new United States of America. Bear in mind that when his new marriage takes place, Americans will likely be better off. Visit Teamsters website today!